about the designer


A mysterious woman with an eye for immaculate detail. 


Her humility is what keeps her behind the scenes actively creating more unique furniture and fashion rather than be in the spotlight of praise. 


Passionate, dedicated and joyful - this committed designer was born to create with her hands.  She opened her first Cenquizqui store doors in 1993 and immediately attracted a clientele base that still relies on her designs to this day. 


If you have the opportunity to visit the store and catch her creativity, you have honored her dream 10 fold.


Handcrafted in San Miguel De Allende, MX

Cenquizqui carries a variety in jewelry, art, journals, different accessories and many decor items of local artesian designs from creatives all around Mexico.  However the main focus of the store is on the furniture and clothes that is designed by Hortensia herself. 


Everything she creates is one-of-a-kind which can be recreated but will still slightly differ from the rest, ensuring you truly have a unique hand-crafted garment that is tailored to your desires. Custom commission requests are always welcomed and treated with the highest priority. 


Daily, the store is infused with aromatherapy, healing vibrations of the sound bowls, and much laughter and joy to emit the highest frequency of love, peace and happiness to everyone who steps foot inside. 


We are Cenquizqui.  We truly value and love our customers.